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What content should be in your website?

Content with keywords

When we develop your website, we choose content that is naturally based on your industry, Within that, we use keyword research to dictate what exactly is written.

We include valuable keywords in your content to help with your internet marketing efforts, but we ensure the content is not only relevant, but flows smoothly for your viewer. A clear and informative site is what consumers are looking for and what search engines expect you to deliver.

Content that is relevant to what your site is about - for example:
If you have an insurance website, your site will obviously contain content pertaining to the insurance products you offer, for instance, perhaps you sell the following types of coverage:

  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance

We know we're going to have information about the various insurances you offer as an agent on your website. We would also recommend quote forms  specific to the various types of insurance you offer and quick 'contact' forms. This is all basic stuff. For some additional content, we might suggest pages such as:

Resource Pages with:

  • Glossary of Insurance Terms
  • Disaster Plans
  • Questions to ask when looking for an insurance agent
  • Explanation of what each insurance product is - in laymen's terms

Additional Pages for:

  • Links to insurance carriers you work with for account management
  • FAQ's

Client Resources:

  • Guidance for recording a home's inventory and a printable Inventory Form
  • Info about evacuation for disaser prone areas and printable evac routes
  • Instructions for making policy changes, printable forms
  • Guidance on what to do in case of a loss of...
  • Potential discounts for home security

Okay, you get the idea. Content is endless and creating a website that provides value to your customers, potential customers, investors, partners, etc. will result in an effective website.

Adding images and interactive items such as video is recommended and easily added to your website.

Now, all the content isn't enough without optimization. Our goal is to optimize your website for the user and for the search engines. Speak with a professional website designer today and discuss how we can help you with your website needs.

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