Non Profit Fundraising

Looking for fundraisers for your Non Profit?

We know how critical fundraising is for Non-Profit Organizations. We also know how daunting a task it can be. Let our team help you with fundraising that is simple, ongoing and with ZERO cost to your organization. Market America's NPO Program is simple and straightforward - no sales, no money to collect, no products to deliver - we do it all!

The NPO Program allows an approved 501(C) Non Profit Organization, to receive royalties from Market America based on the participation of its supporters, shopping through the Non Profit Organizations uniquely branded web portal.

How does the NPO program work?

Getting started is EASY and it's absolutely FREE!

  1. Simple paperwork and sponsorship by our team can get your 501(c) approved for ongoing fundraising
  2. Your organization receives a web portal that your supporters shop from at their convenience and buy the products they want to buy. Whether it's a new blouse from a department store, flowers to send a family member, school supplies for their children or office supplies for their company, they'll find millions of name brand products from their favorite stores all in the online shopping mall.
  3. Your organization receives ongoing royalties as people continue to shop online through your web portal.


According to research, by 2013 40% of ALL retail sales will be initiated on the web. 1 in 4 consumers are spending more time online because of the tough economy. Year after year, online sales increase by leaps and bounds. Are you tapping into that for your non profit organization. If not, you should be. We'll provide your free shopping portal with thousands of partner stores and millions of products that your supporters are already buying. Let us help you benefit from those existing shopping habits. Contact us now

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