Merchant Accounts

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is the banking portion of the transaction.

For example, you can have e-commerce (tools) set up on your website, but not have a merchant account to actually collect the money from your customer and have the funds credited to your bank account.

Without the merchant account, your customer would have to print and mail their order or call you directly.

Obviously, consumers who are shopping online prefer to just pay through a secure site as is customary these days.

We can help you find the right merchant account provider.

We work with several companies that provide outstanding products and services, including the following favorite:

Allows Internet, bricks-and-clicks, and traditional brick-and-mortar merchants to accept payments via credit, debit, and gift cards, as well as electronic checks (and/or check conversion with check guarantee). Securely.

For merchants doing business on the Internet, a proprietary payment gateway (including virtual terminal) with a remarkable number of features and benefits, including:

The gateway can be linked to a merchant account obtained from our service provider or from almost any other provider, including competitors. Accept payments via card and/or check/EFT.

Standard or Customized
Use basic "front-end" HTML- or XML-based service with a standard transaction control panel and virtual terminal, or the "back-end" XML service with a customized look and feel.

Recurring Billing
Do you have repeat customers? Schedule repeat billing without having to re-collect their information.

Dial-In Sales
Away from the Internet? Phone in a transaction directly to your gateway - and avoid paying voice authorization fees.

Auction PayMe Service
If you sell items at online auctions, you know the frustration of obtaining payments from your auction bid winners. Auction PayMe is the answer. With very little effort, you can obtain instant check or credit card payment from bid winners using our service provider’s secure transaction services -- even if you don't have a web site.

Transaction Details
Full historical customer and transaction information is always just mouse clicks away.

Fraud Prevention
The gateway includes numerous fraud-prevention features. For example, you can screen transactions based on address and zip code matches, IP address, transaction size, timeframe since a decline, and CAPTCHA-type "Proof of Life."

Free Test Account
Free, fully functional version of the gateway to test with your website

Request a free quote for your merchant account today

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