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nutraMetrix offers a complete line of advanced nutraceuticals, many of which are available in an isotonic form. nutraMetrix Isotonix® products are unlike any other nutraceuticals on the market.

Normally, when a vitamin or mineral supplement tablet is ingested, the body must work for up to four hours digesting and absorbing the nutrients. During this lengthy breakdown process, a percentage of the nutritive value is lost. Isotonix products are powders; therefore, none of the fillers, gelatin capsules, binders, coatings and lubricants common to tablet manufacturing are necessary. As a result, the amount of time and work necessary to absorb a supplement is greatly decreased.

As a distribution company, nutraMetrix is able to choose different manufacturers for different products. Therefore, we choose only the best manufacturer for each product. All of our ingredient suppliers are GMP certified or in the process of becoming certified. In addition, products are assayed by independent labs for isotonic capability, microcontamination and potency. Manufacturing facilities are audited on a regular basis for compliance.

The following processes ensure the quality of our products:

  • Specifications are set for raw materials and finished products
  • Products are inspected at our warehouse for damage, label accuracy, appearance, taste and odor prior to release
  • Products are assayed by independent laboratories for isotonic capability, microcontamination and potency
  • Manufacturing facilities are audited on a regular basis for compliance

For the research behind nutraMetrix Isotonix products, take a lookat these fascinating studies showing the advantage of delivering nutrients in an isotonic solution:

Accelerated Antioxidant Bioavailability of OPC-3®
Bioflavonoids Administered as Isotonic Solution

Improvement in Circulation and in Cardiovascular Risk Factors
With a Proprietary Isotonic Bioflavonoid Formula Isotonix OPC-3

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