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7 Reasons to Choose nutraMetrix

  1. The innovative nutraMetrix business model can allow you to achieve unprecedented financial success. More than a traditional wholesale-retail return, nutraMetrix has created an unprecedented financial return through leveraging the power of health professional relationships.
  2. nutraMetrix offers a complete line of advanced nutraceuticals, many of which are available in an isotonic form.
  3. Customized nutraMetrix Websites make all nutraMetrix products from your business available directly to your patients. You have the ability to customize your site, select your featured products and inform your patients of upcoming events at your practice. With e-commerce capabilities, your patients can reorder products and services online. View a sample of a health professionals website here.
  4. A comprehensive, low-glycemic weight management system that your patients will enjoy and adhere to, TLS® Weight Loss Solution focuses on low-glycemic eating, behavior modification and body composition. TLS Weight Loss Solution provides patient education materials, a daily journal, low-glycemic food options and clinically proven supplements to promote sustainable weight loss. With TLS Weight Loss Solution, your patients can have lifelong success.
  5. No longer use a “one size fits all” approach to nutritional supplementation. Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis merges an individual’s diet, lifestyle and environment with their genetic information to provide highly customized supplement regimens. With a customized, comprehensive report for each patient, you will have the tools necessary to motivate your patients to maintain optimal health
  6. Our trained nutraMetrix Consultants (NCs) are resourceful, devoted individuals who work closely with you and your staff. They provide resources for a smooth implementation of our products and programs in the convenience of your own office. With numerous corporate trainings, our NCs are equipped with the resources and knowledge to help train your staff and achieve unprecedented financial success.
  7. As a commitment to your professional education, nutraMetrix is the principal corporate sponsor of the nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI), a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization providing accredited continuing health professional education in nutrition and nutraceutical applications.

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