Google Keyword Tool

What's Keyword Tool?

Google Keyword Tools help you discover what keywords should be in your ad campaigns. You can use these same tools to determine what content should be considered for your website.

Your keywords are the words or phrases your customers would use when searching for your product or service. Keywords allow you to target your ads to your desired audience.

For example, if your business sells jewelry online, you can use "buy beaded jewelry" as a keyword in your AdWords campaign.

When a Google user enters "buy beaded jewelry" in a Google search, your ad could appear next to the search results.

In addition, your ad can appear on sites and products in the Google Network that relate to your keyword.

By creating a highly relevant keyword list, you can show your ads to only the most interested users. This will improve the performance of your ads and help you to maintain low cost-per-clicks (CPCs).

Search-based Keyword Tool generates keyword and landing page ideas highly relevant and specific to your website. In doing so, the tool helps you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren't currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns.

The tool goes one step further by tailoring the keywords and other data (such as the amount of competition for the keyword, the suggested bid, and more) based on your language or country/territory settings.

Based on your URLs, the Search-based Keyword Tool displays a list of relevant user queries that have occurred on (and on other Google search properties, such as with some frequency over the past year.

You can see a broad list of keyword ideas that are also relevant, but aren't necessarily based on your site.

The keywords are also organized by category. Click any category to expand and view its subcategories. If applicable, you'll also see the keywords organized by brand names.

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