What is a Navigation Menu (Navigation Bar) ?

The Navigation (nav) Menu is the main website navigation sytem.

It links the viewer to the 'inside' pages of the website. Think of the home page as the front door with all other pages being interior website pages.

Each page requires a link to get to it. The Nav Menu is the list of a website's main pages (a directory that connects to the page).

Navigation menus vary from site to site, depending upon design layout.

Navigation can be at the top of the page - as is ours - and you may also find:

  • Left, Right or Near the top Navigation
  • May be Buttons, Text Links, Images, symbols, etc
  • Some navigation has drop down 'sub menus' or sliding menus
  • Navigation is designed along with the rest of the website

One of the most important aspects of a nav bar is ease in locating.

When a user lands on your website, they should instantly know where the nav bar is located.

It is very frustrating to land on a web page and then have to hunt through a cluttered page to figure out how to leaf through the website.

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