Free SEO Tips

Step 1 - The Website Plan

When we consult with a new website client we ask lots of questions. We don’t just throw together a cookie-cutter site and wish them well as we rush off with their money.

We need information to build the best site possible for each client. If you’re planning on doing things yourself, treat yourself as a client and plan your site first by jotting out ideas. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

What’s your site about?

Be clear - if you’re selling cookies, what kind of cookies will you sell, homemade, gourmet, italian, chocolate?

Content Ideas:

Jot down what type of content your site might contain. Everyone has a home page, contact page, product or service page and an about us page. It’s the meaty content you want to think about. Will you include recipes, baking tips, no-bake recipes, storage tips, holiday tips, gifting ideas? This extra content will be appreciated by consumers and search engines alike. Of course, nothing will be carved in stone, these are just possible ideas. Content will be created around the keywords.

What keywords might you use?

Jotting down some ideas gives you a place to begin your keyword research. I say “begin” because your research will dictate where you will end up with both your keywords and your site content.

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