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Your domain name is not just a URL, It's part of your online business identity. 

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How to choose a domain name:

Make it 'catchy'

A ‘catchy’ phrase gets people’s attention and if they can’t write it down when they see or hear it, chances are, they’ll remember it - if it’s ‘catchy’.

But, be careful with your play on words. You want it clear what your domain (spelling) address is. For example:
 and or and

Keep it simple - i.e., short
Whenever possible, keep it shor. 
Keeping it shorter makes it easier to remember and it will be a better fit on business cards, catalogs, vehicle signs, etc.

Relevant to your business
This is the best type of domain name, as it identifies what you offer. For example tells you nothing about a product or service vs which is obviously about quilting.

Avoid symbols
Symbols are harder to remember and typos are common. You’re better off with than


Multiple Spellings may need to be registered
This is especially true if you have a word that can be spelled differently and still be accurate.

For example: - Note the word ‘TO’ can also be typed as the number 2, thus we own both domains. Multiple domain names can point to a single website, so better safe than sorry, just be sure to use a permanent forward on all but 1, which will be the primary domain url.

Protecting your identity
This also something important to think about. Purchase the .com, .net and even .info, .org, .biz if you can. Competitors will buy them up if you don’t and capture your customers, who usually won’t know the difference if it’s the same products being offered.

Have a back up plan
Come up with a list of possible domain names. Chances are the clever one you’ve thought of is already in use by someone else, so you’ll want to have a list of domains to check on. Do not buy the .net if the .com you like is already gone. Better to get the .com and .net for yourself. Most people recognize a .com, but .net is harder to remember, so your customers will end up at the wrong address.

Don’t wait once you find a domain name you like
If you found a name you like, buy it immediately. Searching for domain names is not a secure process and other people can detect what domains you’ve checked,  buy them out from under you and then try to sell them to you at HIGH PRICES. Domain names are cheap, so buy it while you have the chance. If you can’t decide on which of your 2 favorites to use, buy both.

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